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Shuji Club
Welcome to Shuji Club
Japanese Calligraphy

Point 1: Good posture, Point 2: Good holding position of a brush

Greetings! This is International Student Exchange Division.
We would like to announce you about new coming cultural exchange event, Shuji (Japanese calligraphy) club.
At International Student Lounge, West 1 bldg, Oookayama campus, Shuji club will open for international students of Tokyo Tech, with Japanese teachers. All the tools for experiencing Japanese calligraphy such as brush, ink, paper and so on, is ready in the room.
You don't need to bring anything. Please just stop by and try Japanese calligraphy with us! Those who are interested in cultural exchange and teaching shuji to International students are all very welcome including Japanese students, faculty and staff. Let’s have fun time through Japanese calligraphy!

Cultral Exchange Event: Shuji (Japanese calligraphy) Club

*We suggest you to participate in casual clothes in case it gets stained.



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