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Kakizome 2022 kakizome kids Kakizome 2022

Shuji Club presents New Year's Kakizome Meeting


  1. 12:25 Meeting time
  2. 12:30 Kakizome starts.
  3. 12:30-12:45 Brief Introduction and preparations
  4. 12:45-13:15 Writing time; choose papers; writing practices
  5. 13:15-13:45 Appriciation time
  6. 13:45-14:00 Clean up
  7. 14:00 Closing

*We suggest you to participate in casual clothes in case it gets stained.

The origin of Kakizome

Originally, it was a ceremony held at the Imperial Court, but since the Edo period, it has spread to the common people as well. The term "first calligraphy" first appeared in "Hanahikusa" (1636), a haikai treatise written by Nonoguchi Ryuho, a haiku poet in Kyoto in the early Edo period. It is said that if the flame rises high enough, one's handwriting will improve.


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