Paper Puppet Postcard: A Flying Swallow / Hilo Yamamoto

Last change: 2021/12/05 20:44:27.

Paper Puppet Postcards:

How to make it:

  • Prepare a 20cm long aluminum wire and a piece of chopsticks (Bamboo one would be better)
  • Download "A flying swallow" PDF from [HERE]
  • Print out the pdf in postcard size.
  • Alternatively, since it is a postcard size, you can write a message and mail it to your friends.
  • Cut out the parts: A-1, A-2, B-1, and A-2, and glue B-1 on A-1, and B-2 on A-1.
    wing wing
  • Make holes at the blue dots with a needle. Glue the yellow tabs on each other. Take 20cm of wire.
    tw0102 tw0103
  • Pass the tip of the wire through the hole, and then bend the tip into the shape shown in the figure.
    tw0104 tw0105
  • Cut out the parts: C
    C part
  • Fold it as shown in the picture, glue the yellow tabs and stick them together.
    tw0106 tw0107 tw0108
  • Wrap double-sided tape around the disposable chopstick, pass between the blue tabs.
  • Fix the tip of the chopstick behind the head. Wrap the blue tab around the chopstick and tape it.
    tw0109 tw0110 tw0111
  • Attach double-sided tape to the yellow tabs on the body, check how the wings open, and then glue them together.
    tw0112 tw0113 tw0114
  • After bending the wire at a right angle, wrap it around the chopstick.
    tw0115 tw0116
  • Cut out the parts: D-1 and D-2 and glue D-1 and D-2 on the chopstick.
    marks tw0117 tw0118
  • It's done.
    tw0119 tw0120
  • There are international students who are overseas and have not yet come to Japan. They are taking classes at Zoom every day, but I would like them to come to Japan early.