Paper Puppet Postcard: Tanuki the Raccoon / Hilo Yamamoto

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Paper Puppet Postcards:

How to make it:

Welcome to Papercraft Club
How to make a happy raccoon
  1. Prepare a rivet pin: [A rivet purchase] and a piece of chopsticks (Bamboo one would be better)
  2. Download "A Happy Raccoon" PDF from [HERE]
  3. Print out the pdf in postcard size.
  4. Alternatively, since it is a postcard size, you can write a message and mail it to your friends.
  5. Cut out the parts: A-1 and A-2. Glue A-1 and A-2 on each other.
  6. Make holes at the red and green dots with a needle. Make a small hole. Keep the size of the holes small.
  7. Take 20 cm of wire and bend the tip into the shape shown in the picture below.
    wire wirebended
  8. Pass the wire from back to front through the green hole and bend it to the reverse direction along the tip of the hole.
    passthewire folditback
  9. Cut out the parts: A-3 and B-1
  10. Glue A-3 on the leg position of B-1.
    glueA3 glueA302 glueA303
  11. Shave a piece of disposable chopsticks thinly and stick it on the back of B-1.
    shaveChopstick01 shaveChopstick02 stickit01 stickit02
  12. Cut out the parts: B-2
  13. Make a hole at the blue dot with a needle.
    makeaholeatblue splitpin01
  14. Place B-2 on top of A-1 and A-2 and pass the split pin through the blue hole.
    splitpin02 splitpin03 splitpin04
  15. Cut out the parts: B-3 which is a liquer bottle.
  16. Paste B-3 on B-2 with glue to hide the pins.
    hide01 hide02
  17. Fold back the belly tab and glue it.
  18. Glue the backs of the ears of B-1 and B-2 together.
    glueear01 glueear02
  19. Cut out the parts: C-1 and C-2
  20. Place the chopstick between C-1 and C-2, then glue C-1 and C-2 on each other.
    c101 c102 c103 c104
  21. Move the wire up and down to check the movement of the feet, hands, and tail.
  22. Wrap the wire loosely around the chopstick and check if you can move it up and down with your thumb.
    movewire01 movewire02 movewire03
  23. It's done.
    it's done
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