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Paper/preprint repository

Hilofumi Yamamoto, Ph.D. Tokyo Institute of Technology

  1. 2021/09/09: JADH 2021 06-08 September, Historiographical Institute, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (Zoom online)

    Open source datasets of the Hachidaishū for the research of classical Japanese poetic vocabulary:
    Bor Hodošček, Hilofumi Yamamoto, pp.82-87, The Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the Japanese Association of Digital Humanities, JADH2021 “Digital Humanities and COVID-19" Published by Osaka University. 2020.11.20.

  2. 2020.07.07: JADH 2020
    A fundamental study of effective visualization and description of longitudinal changes of classical Japanese poetic vocabulary [HTML]:
  3. 2019.07.19: JADH 2019
    An Analysis of the Differences Between Classical and Contemporary Poetic Vocabulary of the Kokinshu [preprint]: [QR]
  4. 2018.05.18: JADH 2018
    A study on the distribution of coocurrence weight patterns of classical Japanese poetic vocabulary [preprint]:
  5. 2017.05.08: JADH 2017
    Relationships between Flowers in a Word Embedding Space of Classic Japanese Poetry [pdf]:
  6. 2016.05.01: JADH 2016
    Development of the Dictionary of Poetic Japanese Description [pdf]:
  7. 2015.09.01-03: JADH 2015
    The differences of connotations between two flowers, plum and cherry, in classical Japanese poetry, 10th century. [pdf] [poster] [slide] [online]
  8. 2014.09.19-21: JADH 2014
    A Visualization and Analysis System for Japanese Language Change: Quantifying Lexical Change and Variation using the Serial Comparison Model [online]
    Development of an Asymptotic Word Correspondence System between Classical Japanese Poems and their Modern Translations [preprint]: [slide] [poster] [online]
  9. 2013.09.13: JADH 2013
    A Diachronic and Synchronic Investigation into the Properties of Mid-Rank Words in Modern Japanese [pdf]: [poster] [slide] [online]
  10. 2012.09.15: JADH 2012
    Design of Serial Comparison Model for the Diachronic Corpus Study of Japanese [preprint]: [poster] [slide] [online]
  11. 2011.09.13: OSDH/JADH 2011
    Graph Representation of the Connotations of Classical Japanese Poetic Vocabulary poster