TokyoTech-JLT Linguistics D

2021-3Q Wednesday 9.10 Zoom Linguistics D (LAH.A411)
Tokyo Institute of Technology [Syllabus]

Linguistics D (LAH.A411)/ MOOC 301: Facts and Figures of Language

Day 1: 2021.10.06 Wittgenstein and Language game / Is a subject necessary for language?

  1. This class is one of the liberal arts courses in the 400 level of the master's program.
  2. Discussion is mandatory in this class.
  3. In addition to attendance, written exams and research presentations are required.
  4. If you wish to attend, please read the [Syllabus] carefully.
  5. Please prepare one of the following textbooks.
  6. Today's menu [Language game][Subject?]

Day 2: 2021.10.13 Turing and Turing Machine / Is a word order really needed for the language?

  1. Today's menu [Turing machine][Word order]

Day 3: 2021.10.20 Zipf and Zipf's Law / Set language description criteria to "understandable."

  1. Today's menu [Zipf's law][Criteria]
  2. Additional Resources [pdf] Frequency of words
  3. Discuss the following items if you can make sense with Zipf's law.

Day 4: 2021.10.27 Daniel Jones' 18 Cardinal Vowels / Is language static or dynamic?

  1. Today's menu [Vowels] [pdf]
  2. Additional Resources [pdf] Token and Markov Chain
  3. A reference book such as APA, Chicago Manual Style, etc. A paper writing guideline in your academic field/society. Online version of Chicago Manual Style is available on the campus network.

Day 5: 2021.11.10 de Sussure and Semiotics / Is a thought first or a language first?

  1. The menu for the week [Semiotics][pdf]

Day 6: 2021.11.17 Fillmore and Case grammar / Categorizing and naming objects

  1. The menu for the week [Case grammar][pdf]

Day 7: 2021.11.24 Chomsky and Universal Grammar / Conference / Examination

  1. The menu for the week [Universal Grammar]

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