TokyoTech-JLT Linguistics D

2022-3Q Wednesday 9.10(17:30-19:10) W932 Linguistics D (LAH.A411)
Tokyo Institute of Technology [Syllabus]

Linguistics D (LAH.A411)/ W932: Facts and Figures of Language

Day 1: 2022.10.05 Wittgenstein and Language game / Is a subject necessary for language?

Day 2: 2022.10.12 Turing and Turing Machine / Is a word order really needed for the language?

Day 3: 2022.10.19 Zipf and Zipf's Law / Set language description criteria to "understandable."

Day 4: 2022.10.26 Daniel Jones' 18 Cardinal Vowels / Is language static or dynamic?

Day 5: 2022.11.02 de Sussure and Semiotics / Is a thought first or a language first?

Day 6: 2022.11.09 Fillmore and Case grammar / Categorizing and naming objects

Day 7: 2021.11.16 Chomsky and Universal Grammar / Conference / Examination

Linguistics D 2022
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