Monthly Event: Japanese Language and Culture (JLC)

Making A New Year's Greeting Card


  1. Introduction (1st session: 13:30; 2nd session: 15:00)
    1. Staff introduction and a few things to note
    2. Let's talk a little with the next person.
    3. A new year card in Japan
    4. Let's talk about the card design.
  2. How to make a card and stamp
    1. Tools and materials
    2. Check out how to make briefly (click to enlarge)
    3. How to write sentences (click to enlarge):
    4. Let's make it!
  3. Sharing what you made with everybody
    1. Online students?
    2. Offline students? W112 and Roundge
  4. Announcement and Information from JLC and International Division
  5. Questionnaire (click to enlarge) or [Link]:
  6. Commemorative photo
  7. Clean up and disband (1st 14:30; 2nd 16:00)