Japanese Class Reservation
Japanese Section, ILA, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Any questions? send email to [Contact information].

Japanese Class Reservation System: Make your account (2020 3rd and 4th Quarter)

Write your name in English as in your passport.
Your name:
Please write your call name in alphabet: Your teachers will call you with your call name in a class.
Your call name:
Write your ID as in your Tokyo Tech ID card.
Titech ID:
If you are a visiting scholar and do not have a Titech student ID, please click here and fill in the form to request it in advance.
Write your area code which consists of one letter and three digits (e.g. C301).
Area Code: The code is here.
Write your valid email address. We will contact you with this address.
If you are Doctor[D], Master[M], Bachelor[B], you must input your 'm.titech.ac.jp' address.
If you are Research[R], Visitor [V], you may input a reachable mail address.
Email address: confirm:
Write a password to login in your account of this site.
Password: confirm:
Assess your own Japanese ability by yourself.
It is the first time to study Japanese.
I know only aiueo, or greetings, etc.
I passed JLPT Level 3 (N3).
I passed JLPT Level 2 (N2).
I passed JLPT Level 1 (N1).
I am a student who earned a degree (undergraduate) in Japan.
I will take a placement test since I do not know my ability.

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