Japanese Class Reservation
Japanese Section, ILA, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Any questions? send email to system@js.ila.titech.ac.jp.

Japanese Class Reservation System: Make your account

Write your name in English as in your passport.
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Write your ID as in your Tokyo Tech ID card.
If you are a visiting scholar and do not have a Titech ID, please request an ID to system@js.ila.titech.ac.jp in advance.
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Assess your own Japanese ability by yourself.
I will take a placement test since I do not know my ability.
It is first time to study Japanese.
I know only aiueo, or greetings etc.
I passed JLPT Level 3 (N3).
I passed JLPT Level 2 (N2).
I passed JLPT Level 1 (N1).
I am a student who earned a degree (undergraduate) in Japan.
I will apply an intensive course.

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