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new 2024.06.14--07.21: Tanabata Week: Make a wish upon a star

Write your wishes on a strip of paper.

"...youni" (ように) is an expression of making a wish. Before "youni", you need to write a verb in masu form such as '...masu youni'. But there are roughly two types of verb conjugation which are required based on the situation.
  1. You want to be something/somebody...
  2. You want something/somebody to be/do ...

In case of the former, you need to convert a verb into a potential form. In case of the latter, you can use a verb as it is.
You can learn how to convert a verb into a potential form:

  1. [potential form + masu]
    I want to be(do) ... / ... ni naremasu (dekimasu) youni.. ('naremasu' is a potential form of verb 'naru (become)' and 'dekimasu' is that of verb 'suru (do)'.
    1. ii kenkyusha ni naremasu youni (I wish I could be an excellent researcher)
    2. ii ronbun ga kakemasu youni (I wish I could write an excellent thesis)
    3. sotsugyo dekimasu youni (I wish I could graduate: 'dekiru' is a potential form of 'suru')
  2. [verb masu form]
    I wish it could be ... / ... ni narimasu youni.. (narimasu is a masu form of verb 'naru'.
    1. Sekai ga heiwa ni narimasu youni (I wish the world will be peace)
    2. Haha ga genki ni narimasu youni (I wish my mother will be well)
    3. Kireina hanaga ga sakimasu youni (I wish the flower will bloom beautiflly)
    4. Jikken ga umaku ikimasu youni (I wish our experiment will work well)
  3. By the way, you do not need to write a circle '。' at the end of the sentence because wish type sentences such as the above literally do not end and are still in the middle of sentences.
  4. Now let's write a wish with [this link]

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